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The Napoleonic Wars Forum

Post your questions below, debate with academics, or explore tips on researching the past.

7 days ago

By posting on this forum, you automatically agree to adhere to the following rules. Any post which breaches these rules will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be barred from the forum. 1) Be polite
7 days ago

As the 214th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar looms, I'd like to open up discussion on the battle's importance. Whilst Trafalgar may have broken the back of the French navy, the commonly held pe
Oct 18

Napoleon Bonaparte is one of the best known people in history. Over the last 200 years there has been intense debate on whether he should be remembered as a hero or a villain. Read the page on Napoleo
Jun 19

In the blog attached to this website you will find a post questioning whether Wellington squandered the strategic opportunity that his victory at the Battle of Salamanca created. I argue that Salamanc
Jun 12

The Duke of Wellington famously described his troops as 'the scum of the earth'. It was a vicious and scathing attack on the men who had won him every battle that he had fought, but was it actually a
Jun 8

Hi Everyone, Starting the first of what will be a series of threads here. If you could only ever ask ONE question about Napoleon, what would it be, and why? (Hopefully someone will try to answer that
Sep 22, 2018

17 hours ago

Jackson boasted that he defeated Wellington's Invincibles and Conquered the Conquerors of Europe with his Victory at New Orleans (ignoring the Capture of Fort Boywer) so if so does that make the great
Oct 18

This month marks the 204th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, a battle which is often described as changing the future of European history. It was Napoleon's last battle, a crushing defeat, but al
Aug 6

Hi everyone. I want to get you involved in the discussion about the best books out there on the Napoleonic Wars. What would you say is the best book on the Napoleonic Wars? Why? Do you agree with some
Jun 15

Metternich is usually dismissed, especially by Bonapartists, as a reactionary with no effect on Europe. However as this helpful introduction to the Austrian Chancellor argues, his influence was perhap
Jun 11

In the 'Origins of the French Revolution' page under the 'French Revolution' tab above, I suggest that the French revolution was actually started by the refusal of the rich to grant the kind new taxes
Jun 3

I was interested to read Zack's post, which is based on his opening comments: " A well-known, and respected, commentator on military history (who I won’t name out of courtesy) has remarked that milit
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