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Below are some suggestions of locations you can visit to learn more about events and people from the period. Please note that we do not accept fees for publicising these location, and their inclusion is not an endorsement.

If you have suggestions on other places to visit, get in touch, and we will add them.

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

Apsley House

The Royal Green Jackets Museum (Winchester)


The National Army Museum

Start Your Research

Special Collections Department, University of Southampton

The Wellington archive of approximately 100,000 items at the University of Southampton is the principal collection of papers of the first Duke of Wellington.  It covers the whole of the Duke’s life from 1790 until his death in 1852.  There are about 15,000 papers covering Wellington’s career in India up to 1805.  The section for the Peninsular War provides an unrivalled source for the history of the British participation.  This part of the archive is extensive, with well in excess of 25,000 papers, and contains much Spanish and Portuguese material.  The archive also includes Wellington’s correspondence and papers for the international congresses at the end of the Napoleonic Wars and for the allied occupation of France, for his political career after 1818, including his two premierships, his service in Peel’s government of 1841-6, and his tenure of the post of Commander in Chief of the army.  See for information. 

The National Archives, London

Search the National archive catalogue 'Discovery' here.

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