Hello! And welcome to The Napoleonicist.

This podcast is designed to be semi-interactive, and should be a route for us all to discuss the period further. If you have any questions, you can post in the forum, or tweet me @zwhitehistory, using the #Napoleonicist. Please do question what I say, offer your thoughts and get involved in the conversation If you have a request, let me know, and I will see if I can feature it in a future episode.


To access each episode, just click the hyperlink.

Due to technical difficulties, only a few episodes of the Waterloo Remembered series can be posted here . The latest episodes from Napoleonicist can be accessed for free on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and most other podcast platforms. You will also find links to the latest Waterloo Remembered releases in the dedicated Waterloo Remembered room in the forum.

Prequel: What's the deal?


Episode 1: So what's with the Name?: Rebranding the Napoleonic Wars

Bonus Episode: Plunder, Provost & Punishment: Discipline under Wellington's Command

Episode 2: The Curious Case of Badajoz: The Aftermath of British Sieges in the Peninsular War

Episode 3: Wellington's Unknown Warriors: The Life, Death and Reburial of the Bones of Burgos

Episode 4: The Escalation of the French Revolution: What went wrong?

Waterloo Remembered - Day 1: Waterloo - What's the real story?

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