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New Recruits

January 2, 2018

A change is afoot. For far too long this website has sat in a semi-dormant state, as I’ve pushed with research on military discipline at the expense of progressing with the website.




Last month the two people who use this site might have noticed (if they were particularly eagle-eyed) that I recruited a ‘Deputy Editor’, Louis Jeffries. Louis, an MA student from the University of Southampton, is a classic example of another military historian on a crusade to modernise the discipline. He is a keen advocate of making history both ‘relevant’ and breaking the stigma attached to military history.


You can find more information on his research interests by clicking the ‘About’ tab above.


However, the appointing of a Deputy Editor is just the first part of the process. Over the next month, I will be recruiting a team of 6 undergraduates who will work with us to jointly develop this site. This is very much a case of putting my points about making history accessible, and making people realise the value and subtlety of military history into practice. By giving people the opportunity to explore a particular area of the past, it is possible to develop that interest further.


It is important though, that a project like developing a website is done with an open mind. Although it is important to ensure that we provide a quality explanation to the events of the period, this website is aiming to become a bridging point between the public and academics. As a result, the team will be exploring topics that are of interest to them, and we will be particularly developing the social and political history elements of the website.


As ever, please spread the word by tweeting, liking, tagging, snapchatting, or doing whatever else you can do on my-face-twitter-chat-book-gram.


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